This tutorial has been written by our Technical Support Officer Paul Traynor.

There are two ways you can enter an email address into a new blank email message and here are some suggested instructions for both ways.

Method 1 for entering a contact into an email;

  1. While in your inbox within Thunderbird press keys, “Control + N” to first open up a new blank email screen.

Notes: you will now be positioned in the “Too field” of the email message.

  1. Now type in the first name or even last name of a particular person who is already within your Thunderbird contacts list.

Note: If you have more than one person of the same first name, for example someone called “Paul” then after having typed in the name “Paul” press the “Down arrow” till you come to the full name of the person you want added into the Too field. Do the same if you are using the last name of someone also.

  1. Once you have chosen the name of the person in the “Too field” press the “Tab key” to the “Subject field”.
  2. Type in a meaningful subject line then press the “Tab key” once more and you are in the body of the email.

Method 2 for entering a contact into an email;

  1. While in the Inbox of Thunderbird open up the “Contacts address book” using keys, “Control + Shift + B” pressed once.

Note: The “Address book” should now open up.

  1. Now using your “Arrow keys” arrow up or down till you come to the particular person you wish to send an email too.
  2. Once you have located that person in your list of contacts press the “Tab key once and you will be on a link indicating that you can email that contact.The link may appear as follows when you tab key to it, “Email:Jsmith@gmail.com”
  3. Press the “Enter key” once on this link and a new blank email will open up.

Notes: When the blank email opens up you will be placed in the “Too field” and the name of the particular contact will be already inserted in it.

  1. Now press the “Tab key” to jump into the “Subject field” and fill in a subject then press “Tab key” once again and you will be in the main body.