Tutorial: Moving quickly between email folders in Microsoft Outlook

This tutorial has been written by our Technical Support Officer Paul Traynor.

If you need to move between folders a lot like me then you will need to move through them in a quick and easy manner. Here are instructions for doing this.

1. Let’s say you wish to jump to the “Draughts folder”, first press keys, “Control + Y”.
Notes: This will open up the folder list which will also include other items such as the calendar and notes features.
2.Now press the “Letter D” for Draughts and straight away you’ll be jumped onto the Draughts folder.
Notes: You can also use “Arrow keys” to move through this list view.
3. Press the “Enter key” once to access that folder.
4. Should you wish to move back into the “Inbox” then use these keys from anywhere within Microsoft Outlook, “Control + Shift + Letter I” together and you will be returned to the Inbox. You can also use keys, “Control + Shift + O” to access your Outbox to check if mails are stuck in there or that its empty as it should always be.