Tutorial: Sending your first email in Microsoft Outlook

This tutorial has been written by our Technical Support Officer Paul Traynor.

After having set up our email account details in Microsoft Outlook and then perhaps configuring the main “Inbox” screen to suit our views we will now send our first email. This email could simply be a test email to make sure that our account is working as it should.

1.First open up MS Outlook to the main “Inbox”.
2. Now press keys, “Control + N” to open up a new blank email.
Notes: After opening up the new blank email for the first time I press keys, “Left Alt + Spacebar” once and then press “Letter X” once in order to maximise the newly opened screen.
3.On this new email screen we have the following elements;
*. Too:
*. Subject:
*. Main message body.
4. You can use the “Tab key” to move to any of the above mentioned fields in order to fill them in. Also use keys, “Shift + Tab Keys” to move in reverse order through the fields should you wish too.
5. Once the new email screen has been opened up, you are automatically placed within the “Too field”. In here you type in the name of the person to whom you are sending the new email message too.
Notes: For this example we will just send the new message to ourselves so type in your own email address in the usual way that you would have done before or that you have been shown by your instructor.
6. After typing in your email address press the “Tab key” once and you are placed in the “CC field”.
Notes: This CC field is only used should you wish to send the same email you are going to write to a second or subsequent persons. and generally is not filled in so you can skip it once you are only sending a message to one person.
7. Press the “Tab key” once more and you should land on the “Subject field.” Here type in a meaningful subject title for your email.
8. Now press the “Tab key” one final time and you will land on the main message body.
9. Type in your email here, IE whatever your email is about and one final word of caution, please always run the “built in spell-checker” on any new emails you write before sending.
Notes: You can start the “Spell-checker” by pressing the “F7 key” once on your keyboard.