How to use Siri to make a FaceTime call to a non-Apple user

FaceTime icon on iPhone home screen

If you want to have a FaceTime call with your friend but it happens that he/she does not own an Apple device do not fear Apple have a solution to that. You can just send them a link to help them join you in a FaceTime call. To make this even easier you can do this with Siri.

Read on to learn how to make a FaceTime call to a non-Apple user so they can join video calls with their Apple-loving friends. We have iOS15 to thank for this enhancement to FaceTime.

What to do

Try saying “hey Siri, make a video call to Andy.” Siri will respond “I have created a FaceTime link with the message join my FaceTime, send it to Andy”? After the beep say yes. FaceTime will launch on your phone and Andy will receive a link to the FaceTime call. When Andy taps on the link you will get a notification inside Facetime, and you can let him into the video call.