Use Siri To Share Anything On Your iPhone Screen

A simple voice command is now all you need to quickly share whatever is on your iPhone screen. Apple introduced this feature to Siri in iOS15.

You can share content such as images, webpages, Apple Music, podcast, map locations and more with another person using Siri. For things that cannot be shared so easily it will take a screenshot and give you the option to share that instead.

When you want to share something, for example, a webpage, navigate to the webpage and say, “Hey Siri, share this page”. Siri will respond with who would you like to share it with? Just say the contact’s name and it will share the link with your contact via Messages.

You can do the same with photos. Open the Photos app and locate a photo. Then say for example, “Hey Siri, share this photo with Andrew”. Siri will respond with share this photo with Andrew in a question tone. You can respond with yes to send.

This Siri feature will save time for all iPhone users but especially VoiceOver users as you won’t have to go through a long share sheet of options. It is a very smooth process.