Tutorial: Using ITunes on a Computer to Play Radio

This tutorial has been written by our Technical Support Officer Paul Traynor. Here are some useful instructions for using ITunes on your computer to play radio:

  1. Go to your desktop using keys, “Windows key + M”.
  2. Now press the letter “I” till you hear your screen reader announce, “ITunes” and then press the “Enter key” once. Notes: After you press the Enter key, wait a few moments, sometimes ITunes can be slow to load up.
  3. When ITunes loads you should hear your speech announce, “Adult Contempory not selected”. Important: You will only hear this if you are on the “Radio list page” of ITunes and if you don’t hear this announced then press keys, “Control + number 9” once to position your focus on this section of ITunes.
  4. When you hear “Adult Contemporary” start pressing the “Down arrow” to move through all the various radio sections such as classical, Rock, comedy, eighties, nineties, news and so on till you come to what particular type of music you are interested in.
  5. For this tutorial we are going to look for the “Country music” section so press the “Down arrow” till you arrive on “Country” then press the “Right arrow” once to move into its list of available radio stations. Notes: When you press the right arrow once, wait a few moments before doing anything else just to give the sub-menu of available radio stations time to open up properly.
  6. Once the list of available radio stations have opened up, now again press “Down arrow” slowly to move through whatever stations are there, listening to their names and seeing if there is any of them something you might like to listen too.
  7. Once you have come to a possible station of interest, press the “Enter key” once and wait for the station to begin playing.
  8. If you don’t wish to continue listening to that particular station, just continue pressing the “Down arrow or even up arrow” till you come to another station of interest and again press the “Enter key” once then wait for it to begin playing.
  9. While listening to a station and if for any reason you need to leave the room or do something that might require you to pause the radio stream for a while then simply press the “Spacebar” once to temporarily stop the audio and to resume listening to it then again press the “Spacebar”.
  10. If you wish to change the category of music from say “Country to maybe sixties or seventies then press the “Right arrow” twice in order to close out of the Country section and then press the “Down or up arrows” till you come to the particular category you want.
  11. Once on the chosen category press the “Right arrow” once and wait a few moments before “Down arrowing” to a particular radio station.