Virtual Technology Club Thursday 20th July

virtual tech club banner

Join us from 7pm on Thursday 20th July for NCBI’s next virtual technology club. On the night we’ll be joined by Brian Hartgen from Hartgen Consultancy. Brian has been a trainer in assistive technology for 23 years and will be online to talk about a range of popular screen reading products available from Hartgen Consultancy such as Leasey, J-Say, J-Dictate, and more. He’ll also be available to answer questions anyone should have about these products.

As always, we’ll have an open session so that people can ask questions about any aspect of technology.

New to the Virtual Technology Club?

New members are always welcome to NCBI’s virtual technology club. We’re using a piece of software called TeamTalk that you’ll need to have installed on your computer, phone or iPad to join the next meeting. Our Virtual Technology Club User Guide will walk you step-by-step through the installation and configuration of the software, and allow you to connect to our virtual meeting room.

For any queries, or if you have a recommended topic for discussion in the next virtual tech club meeting, please email