Virtual Technology Club Thursday 28 September

Virtual Technology Club

Virtual Technology Club

Join us from 7:00 pm on Thursday September 28th for NCBI’s next Virtual Technology Club meeting.

Our guest speaker for this meeting is Jackie McBrearty from Sligo, who has been discovering the potential of the Amazon Echo devices over the last few months.

Jackie will share her experiences of using the Echo, and talk about how it works and what it can do.

As always, we’ll have an open session so that people can ask questions about any aspect of technology.

New to the Virtual Technology Club?

New members are always welcome to NCBI’s virtual technology club. We’re using a piece of software called TeamTalk that you’ll need to have installed on your computer, phone or iPad to join the next meeting. Our Virtual Technology Club User Guide will walk you step-by-step through the installation and configuration of the software, and allow you to connect to our virtual meeting room.

For any queries, or if you have a recommended topic for discussion in the next virtual tech club meeting, please email