Vision Series – Episode 4: Children & Young People

Group of vision impaired children cheering with banner World Children's Day above it

20th November 2021 NCBI is delighted to release the fourth instalment of its Vision Series informational videos as part of World Children’s Day. This video shows how different skills and strategies used during the different phases of childhood can ensure children and young people who are blind or vision impaired can travel independently and confidently.

June Tinsley, NCBI Head of Advocacy and Communications explains – “Receiving a diagnosis that your child’s vision is compromised or deteriorating can be overwhelming and distressing for any parent and family. However, knowing your child can be supported to meet their developmental milestones and become fully independent is vital and NCBI is there every step of the way to ensure children who are blind or vision impaired can thrive. This video told through the eyes of different children, clearly shows the different techniques used to enable them to navigate their world safely as they progress through life.”

This series of videos, kindly sponsored by Novartis, is an ideal way to enhance understanding of how NCBI services can support individuals, families, and professionals who work with people who are blind or vision impaired.

The videos so far span the following themes:

  1. Guide for Optometrists
  2. Age-Related Macular Degeneration
  3. Neurological Vision Impairment (sight loss arising from a stroke)
  4. Independent Safe Travel for Children and Young People

All videos will be available on the NCBI YouTube channel, while the new video, Independent Safe Travel for Children and Young People, is available here: