Vision Sports Ireland rallies new ground presenting ZERO LIMITS Track Day

Staff pictured in front of cars holding Vision Sports banner

Vision Sports Ireland and NCBI are thrilled to launch our inaugural ZERO LIMITS Track Day – a Vision Sports event like no other and the first of its kind in Ireland, giving blind and visually impaired people the opportunity of a lifetime to experience life in the fast lane. With the support of Motorsport Ireland, ZERO LIMITS will give our newest drivers the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a car and drive the Mondello Track Circuit.

Aaron Mullaniff, Vision Sports Ireland CEO said “The idea for the Zero Limits Track Day was born out of NCBI’s Changing Perceptions 2021-2023 campaign, which is purposely focused on showcasing the ability as opposed to the disability. Our visually impaired and blind members have their own ambitions and dreams, and it is therefore the Vision Sports team’s mission to always question and assess how we can make those dreams a reality”.

Aaron Mullaniff further added “In association with our partners organisations Motorsport Ireland, Mondello Park and Sport Ireland, the team is working hard at making sport and leisure opportunities more accessible and inclusive to all, whilst bringing imagination to solutions to advance our why at Vision Sports”.

The event will take place during European Week of Sport in Mondello Park on Thursday, 23rd September and will take place over two stages: Stage 1: The Drive to Feel Alive and Stage 2: Guide the Way.

In Stage 1, a select group of participants will have the opportunity to drive a road car for what may be their very first time or the first time in a very long time, getting behind the wheel of a brand new Mini Cooper. Alongside a driving instructor, our newest drivers can drive the Mondello Park circuit, making lifelong ambitions become a reality.

If perhaps driving isn’t of interest, in Stage 2, participants can experience first-hand all the thrills and adrenaline that motorsport has to offer as they become co-drivers for the day and sit in full specification, highly competitive rally cars alongside some of Ireland’s finest rally drivers including the one and only Rosemary Smith, for passenger laps around the track.

Sara Mc Fadden, Ireland’s first visually impaired rally co-driver commented, “It is an honor to be involved in organizing an event that will allow other people who are blind or visually impaired to experience firsthand, the sport which I am so privileged to compete in and has given me so much. From my own experience, I know that getting to drive a car for the first time or getting to drive a car again for someone with a vision impairment will be a dream come true and something they may have never thought possible so being a part of the team that is making this happen is an amazing feeling”.

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