VoiceOver Tip: How to reveal your Wi-Fi password using Face ID or Touch ID

iPhone screen displaying Wi-Fi toggle, which is set to enabled.

In iOS 16 Apple has introduced a really cool feature that gives you access to your Wi-Fi password using Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode. If you are at home and you have guests, there may have been occasions that people have asked you for your Wi-Fi password. Being vision impaired, this is not the most accessible code to access as it is usually found on a label under the router, it is especially a problem if your guest is also vision impaired as they will not be able to read it out either.

To view your tasks press CTRL + 4 and use your left and right arrows to navigate, press Shift + F10 to open the context menu where you can mark a task as complete, assign it, and more.

The solution

So, to access your own currently connected personal Wi-Fi password or other Wi-Fi networks you have successfully connected to do the following:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to Wi-Fi, in here you will see my networks.
  3. When you come to the network you are currently connected to, flick down with one finger until you hear more info and double tap.
  4. When in the more info area, you will find password
  5. Double tap on password and you will be met with a message, Face ID, or touch ID to view password
  6. Place your finger on the Touch ID / home button or use Face ID to reveal the password

Now you can show the password to your guest so they can connect to your Wi-Fi network, or alternatively you can do a quadruple three finger tap to copy to the clipboard and then you can share the password how you like.