You can now translate to Irish with Alexa

3 x Amazon Echo Smart Speakers on a table top

Translating to Irish with Alexa

You can now translate English words and phrases into Irish on your Alexa, and we think this is really good. It’s a great way of learning the Irish language or reminding yourself of those Irish words you might have forgotten from when you were in school. It’s even handy for those times you must help the kids with their Irish homework.

Try saying Alexa how do you say I have a guide dog in Irish? Alexa will respond with the Irish translation in a female voice and the correct pronunciation. Also, you can keep it simple and find the translation for single words by saying Alexa what’s the Irish for Window? Alexa what’s the Irish for blue?

Of course, this translation service on Alexa works great for most other languages but this is the first time we have seen it done so well for the Irish language.