Talking Technology with NCBI Labs Episode 5 – Apple March Event Recap, Cheap vs Steep Bluetooth Speakers, iOS vs Android

Talking technology Android Vs iOS Debate

Episode 5

This week on the show we check out key highlights from Apple’s recent Peek Performance Event that introduced us to several new products including a new iPhone SE with A15 Bionic Chip, a new iPad Air with M1 Chip, a powerful new Mac desktop called Mac Studio, and a new professional monitor called the Mac Studio Display. Clearly Apple’s first major media event of the year was very much characterised by the company’s growing processor technology.

In our first Cheap vs Steep discussion we chat about budget priced tech and compare them to their expensive counterparts. This week the team have been trying out a Power Geek Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speaker available in Dealz for 6 euro and finding out whether there is much of a difference in the audio quality of this speaker.

Finally our attention turns to the smartphone debate for the ages – iOS vs Android. From built-in accessibility to third-party apps, our panellists and guests take a look at the respective strengths of each mobile platform to help you pick the right one the next time you buy a smartphone.

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