Margaret Kearney

A few years ago I started to notice my sight failing me. I’ve subsequently been diagnosed with both Glaucoma and AMD. In 2018, I had a cataract removed from my right eye, which has made a massive improvement as more light can get into my eye and I can now see colours better. I cannot see numbers or letters. If I am watching the TV, I cannot see their entire face but I can still follow a story.

I use a white cane and rely on it when I’m in town as I find things like crossing the road without it very difficult. If I come to street corner without traffic lights and I want to cross over I will stand there and wait to ask someone would they mind if I walked across with them. People are very friendly and living in a city is good because there is always someone around.

I heard about NCBI through a friend. They have been so helpful in supporting and training me to live independently, travel safely and get gadgets to help me with daily tasks.

“Little things like I never knew what time it was as I couldn’t see the clock and now I’ve a talking clock which tells me the time and date.”

I also got a talking weighing scales that I use to weigh out flour and sugar. My niece got married about 5 years ago and I made all her wedding cakes. I still enjoy making scones and fairy cakes.

I was in catering most of my life, I went to catering college in England as well. When I got married I moved around a lot because my husband was in the army, I lived in Germany, Cyprus, Singapore I have had a great life, and I can look back on some really lovely memories.