AirPods Pro Transparency Mode settings and Conversation Boost

AirPod pro next to iPhone displaying Conversation Mode toggle switch

In iOS 15, Apple introduced a feature to their AirPods Pro called Conversation Boost. This focuses the microphones on the person standing in front of you and amplifies their voice so you can hear them better.

Also, in Transparency Mode settings you can increase or reduce ambient noise. Increasing ambient noise may be useful to those who use apps such as Microsoft Soundscape as well as other navigation apps.

How to turn on and adjust Transparency Mode settings:

  1. Open the Settings app and go to Accessibility
  2. Tap on Audio Visual
  3. Tap on headphone accommodations and toggle it on
  4. Tap on Transparency Mode.
  5. In here you can adjust amplification of transparency from 0 to 100 and adjust ambient noise reduction from 0 to 100 and finally if you flick to the right you will come to Conversation Boost. Tap on this to turn it on.

Now that you have set up Transparency Mode to your likening you can turn these settings on or off as you need them by going to the control centre and tap on hearing.