Amazon release Echo Show 15: A big Alexa display for your wall

Echo Show 15 inch smart display hanging on a wall

The Echo Show 15 is an HD smart display released by Amazon. This is their largest smart display yet and may be suitable for some low vision users due to its large screen size. The device can be mounted on a wall or be put on a stand which can be bought separately. It can be placed in either landscape or portrait mode.

Family coordination

You can leave sticky notes for your family members or house mates. Update shopping lists and to do lists and check your calendar and reminders.

Personalised view

Family members can create profiles and then use visual ID and voice ID, so Alexa can recognise who’s who and show the right information to the right person, such as appointments, reminders, recently played music and more.

This works by recognising the person as they come into shot of the device’s camera.

Control centre for your smart home

Save your favourite compatible smart home devices to the home screen for easy access and control them all on one central dashboard.

Add a picture-in-picture live camera feed from your ring video doorbell to your screen so you can do things like check on the front door camera while watching a TV programme. Or check the temperature from your compatible smart heating controls in different zones in your house.

Use the Echo Show 15 as a photo frame

If you are a Facebook user or an Amazon Prime member you can display your Facebook photos or your Amazon photos on the 15-inch HD screen. Works of art are also available to display.

Stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, podcasts, audio books and your other favourites. One of the best features of all is the ability to stream content from streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. You can give a command like “Alexa play Squid Game on Netflix” or “Alexa play the Hunger Games on Amazon Prime”. You can also play your favourite audible books from audible, podcasts, and radio stations.

For people that have some vision it will display lyrics on the screen when you play music from Amazon Music.

Show and Tell is also available

Show and Tell is an accessibility feature introduced into Echo smart displays to help people with sight loss recognise products. Just hold the product in front of the camera and the Echo Show will try and recognise the product and give you information about it. The Echo Show 15 also has a built-in screen reader called VoiceView.

Low power mode

To save energy consumption the Echo Show will go into low power mode when idle.

The Echo Show is now available to purchase from Amazon. For more information about the extensive range of smart speakers available from Amazon and other companies please contact the NCBI Labs Helpdesk on 1800 911 110 or email