Live Event 61 – Celebrating World Braille Day

For almost 200 years, Braille has transformed the lives of many people with sight loss. It has promoted equal opportunities and opened doors to literacy, education, and employment. In recognition of World Braille Day taking place today 4th January, our first Live Event of 2022 is dedicated entirely to the tactile writing system of Braille.

What is exactly is Braille? How is used, why is it so important, and where can it be learned? To help answer these questions and more we are joined by several experienced Braille readers that use Braille in all walks of life – at home, in school, in college, and in the workplace. Our guest speakers on the show today are Oran O’Neill, Brain Dalton, Audrey Tormey, and Daniel Daly. Each speaker tells us about their preferred Braille device and gives us an insight into the use of Braille in their day-to-day lives.

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