Talking Technology with NCBI Labs Episode 1 – 3D Printing, Computers vs Smartphones

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Episode 1

Our Live Event Podcasts return this year with a brand new name – Talking Technology with NCBI Labs.

On the show this week we first explore the rapidly evolving area of 3D Printing. We find out how 3D printing works and what tools and materials are used to create 3D models. From applications in healthcare, transport, construction, music, and more, this technology is extremely versatile and, when it comes to what it can produce, the sky is the limit, We even hear some 3D printed ‘3Dvarius’ violins in action. Finally, we check out some of the online services that can be used to print your own 3D printed objects without the expense of purchasing a 3D printer.

Nowadays, many of the tasks handled by a computer may also be done on a smartphone. As a comparison, the computing power of a flagship smartphone generally rivals many laptops and desktop computers. But are there limitations when it comes to using only a smartphone? Our panellists and regular guests David Nason and Des Keaney share their thoughts and personal preferences. If you’re deciding whether your next device upgrade should be a computer or a mobile device, we have the key points for you to consider.

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