Talking Technology with NCBI Labs Episode 2 – Safer Internet Day, Amazon Echo Show 15, and Ad Blockers

Amazon Alexa Show 15 with the talking technology logo

Episode 2

First up this week, with Safer Internet Day taking place this year on Tuesday 8th February we take time to highlight some of the ways we can stay safe online.

Next we check out the recently released Amazon Echo Show 15. Described as a big Alexa display for your wall, this is the largest smart display yet from Amazon and offers a range of built-in accessibility features for people who are blind or vision impaired including the VoiceView screen reader and Screen Magnifier. We also find out how to identify items on smart displays such as the Echo Show 15 with Show and Tell.

Finally our attention turns to ad blockers. Most of us frequently encounter unwanted ads that can clutter large parts of websites, slow downloading speeds, and might be sources of malware. It’s no wonder ad blockers are so popular but what are the factors to consider when blocking ads, and why might there be times when it’s best not to use ad blockers at all?

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