Talking Technology with NCBI Labs Episode 3 – Emerging orientation and mobility technology: the Jedi Glove and the HapNav Watch

Jedi Glove prototype - white with black sensors at fingertip with Talking Technology Logo

Episode 3

In our technology podcasts we always strive to keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to finding out about the latest trends and developments in emerging technology for people with sight loss.

In 2020 the so-called ‘Jedi Glove’ was developed by medics and engineers at the Clinical Science Institute in NUI, Galway. This ultrasonic glove was designed to help wearers navigate their environment through touch and essentially build up a 3D picture of what’s around them. The technology subsequently led to the development of the HapNav Watch by the team at NUIG, which works by providing wearers with navigation feedback through haptic vibrations on the wrist.

What was the original inspiration behind these technologies, how exactly does the HapNav work, and what is its potential as an orientation and mobility aid for the sight loss community? To help answer these questions and more we are joined on the show by Professor Derek O’Keefe from NUIG, the lead architect behind the Jedi Glove and HapNav Watch. Also joining the conversation is Chantelle Smith, National Access & Mobility Manager with NCBI.

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