Talking Technology with NCBI Labs Episode 4 – JAWS vs NVDA, making Wordle accessible

JAWS vs NVDA logos

Episode 4

The screen reader has for many years been an essential piece of software for people with sight loss who wish to read text that is displayed on a computer or mobile phone screen through speech output. On the show this week we compare and contrast two popular screen readers for Microsoft Windows, NVDA from NV Access and JAWS from Freedom Scientific. We explain the difference between both, and what benefits there from using one over the other. Our panel and special guests go in depth on all the pros and cons of both screen readers.

Next our attention turns to the game everyone is talking about or playing at the moment – Wordle! Recently bought by the New York Times, Wordle is a daily word game that has users playing and sharing their scores on social media everyday, however until recently the game wasn’t accessible. We catch up with Dave Nason on the show who shares with us an accessible way to play the game using a Google Chrome extension..

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