Talking Technology with NCBI Labs Episode 6 – Silentium Active Noise Cancellation Technology, Commentary Screen Reader, iPhone Subscription Service

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Episode 6

On the show this week we are joined by Amir Slapak, Senior Business Development Manager with Israeli-based company Silentium, to find out about pioneering Active Noise Cancellation technology being developed to enhance sound quality and cut out distraction in all sorts of environments.

We are joined by Samsung Galaxy user Kerie Doyle who shares with us her experience using the Commentary Screen Reader for the Android operating system. With custom gestures, a built-in voice assistant, and many more features, is Commentary Screen Reader a suitable alternative to the TalkBack Screen Reader on Android phones, and how is it installed?

There are recent reports that Apple is developing a subscription plan to let you pay a monthly fee for an iPhone rather than buy it outright. Might you want to purchase your next iPhone the same way you pay for Netflix, Amazon Prime and the many other subscription services we have come to rely on?

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